I wrote the “Law” entry for the IVP Dictionary of the Old Testament: Prophets. You’ll have to pony up the cabbage for this volume to read it but here is a taste to whet your appetite.

Download free of charge the book which contains two prayers that I edited: Reading Akkadian Prayers and Hymns: An Introduction, ed. by Alan Lenzi, Ancient Near East Monographs 3, Atlanta: SBL, 2011.

For Marginalia Review of Books:

Review essay on Melissa Mohr’s Holy Sh!T.

Review of Michael Coogan’s A Reader of Ancient Near Eastern Texts.

Interviews with Verlyn Klinkenborg, Jon D. Levenson, and Gustavo A. Ramirez.

Article offprints:

Prepublication version (I no longer taught at SBTS when this came out so this is fixed in the published version) of “An Indecent Proposal: The Theological Core of the Book of Ruth,” Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament 26:1 (2012): 30-43.

A Review of David Penchansky’s Understanding Wisdom Literature in Books & Culture

“Weighing Officials at Ur III Umma” in CDLN 2011:002

A short reflection on the Ancient Near East in Books & Culture Book Notes.

Allusions to the Stream of Tradition in Neo-Assyrian Oracles” in ANES (2009)

How Big Was Nineveh?: Literal versus Figurative Interpretation of City Size” in BBR 18.2 (2008).

Samson’s Last Laugh: The S/ŠHQ Pun in Judges 16:25–27” in JBL 128, no. 1 (2009): 61–64.

Finally, here’s a link for a document in which I give some tips and motivation for creating transformational educational experiences:

“Manifesto” Never The Same: How to Create Transformational Educational Experiences for ChangeThis.com.

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