One of my goals for the International Biblical Studies Writing Month was to write a review of William Schniedewind and Joel Hunt’s A Primer on Ugaritic:

A Primer on Ugaritic

I’m happy to report that I finished the review and it is published in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures accessible here.

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Charles Halton

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  1. by Alan Lenzi

    Mazal Tov on the review!

  2. by Bill

    Thanks for the review Charles. The “Primer” was the culmination of 10+ years of teaching Ugaritic by Joel and myself. If anyone catches any typos/corrections, please send them along to me. At some point, I plan to do a 2nd edition with corrections and updates.

    Best regards,
    Bill Schniedewind

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  4. by Chris

    Thanks for the review. I was thinking about using his book as the text for a Master level course. Is there a better one?

  5. by Chris

    Thanks for the review. I have been thinking about using this is a introductory textbook. Would Sivan be better??

  6. Cristian,
    I would probably use the Schniedewind/Hunt Grammar for a Master’s level course–I’m not a big fan of Sivan’s grammar, but it is in English. Dennis Pardee’s grammar is nice if your students know French (Eisenbrauns is coming out with an English translation sometime soon) and Tropper’s grammar is good for reference if your students know German (however, his treatments are sometimes uneven in my opinion, particularly his enclitic mem stuff). At the end of the day I think the combo of pedagogical usefulness and English grammar make the Schniedewind/Hunt grammar my number one choice.

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