Welcome to the fifteenth Biblical Studies Carnival. I am pleased to host the carnival on such an auspicious numeration (too bad it couldn’t be a multiple of 6, then I’d be really pleased). Thanks to all the contributers!

Biblical Studies Carnival XVI will be hosted by Brandon Wason over at Novum Testamentum in the first week of April 2007. Look for a call for submissions on his blog mid-month.

Note to the reader: Stay with me to the end, it’s worth it–I promise.

I would like to dedicate Biblical Studies Carnival XV to the dean of New Testament criticism, Bruce Manning Metzger. Evangelical Textual Criticism has links to several obituaries and Gordon Fee’s tribute. Metzger was a fine scholar and an even finer man. May we all learn from his life that lived out his teaching.

New to the Blogosphere:

Angie Erisman enters the fray with her new blog Imaginary Grace. One of her great posts (there are many, especially her first post, her Torah Guys, you should check it out) addresses the question of whether we should use the emotion laden terms “maximalist” and “minimalist.” Archaeologist Leen Ritmeyer has a blog about, well, archaeology. Check out his post on new discoveries in the City of David.

Ancient Near East

Tyler Williams has a great post on the ideas of creation in Mesopotamia–part 1 and part 2 along with my response here on awilum.com. Can’t afford the cover charge to Harvard? Look over Eric Welch’s shoulder and glance at his Phoenician notes from class. Don’t overlook Duane Smith’s comments concerning Eric’s notes. Duane has some more great thoughts on the editio princeps of the Tel Zayit inscription. I have a post on another article that appeared in BASOR in which I deal with Christopher Rollston’s views regarding scribal schools in ancient Israel–don’t miss the long thread of comments there’s juicy stuff in there!

Apologetics Archaeology

Biblical Archaeology or Syrio-Palestinian Archaeology? If only Albright were around to comment. Roll call: Christopher O’Brien, Duane Smith, Christopher Heard.

Old Testament/Tanak

Tyler Williams covers the Jesus/Talpiot Tomb controversy along with comments from James Tabor. Not for the faint of heart, Claude Mariottini discusses the human sacrifice that was Jephthah’s daughter. THEOdyssey blog has a post that answers assertions that the god of the Old Testament is unjust. Their conclusion: the god of the Old Testament is similar of character as the god of the New Testament.

Grilling the sacred cow: the documentary hypothesis is euthanized at Echo of Eden.

Intertestamental Literature:

Tim Brookins on the Wisdom of Solomon and New Testament parallels. Want more? Try the post on Sirach–keep up the great work Tim! Studying documents that are thousands of yeas old is hard, but Phil Harland is a pro–check out his study entitled Origins of an apocalyptic sect at Qumran: Teacher of Righteousness vs. Wicked Priest (End 1.6). I’m just glad he quoted from the 2nd edition of Martinez, numero uno was chock full of typos.

New Testament:

In a post after my own heart on the ricoblog, Rick Brannan pokes fun at Wallace’s penchant to over-analyze the Greek language, hmmm a grammar is supposed to clarify situations…A.Q. Morton, Stylometric Analysis, Pastoral Epistles, and C.S. Lewis? Check it out on pastoralepistles.com. Why is it taking so long? Richard Anderson has your answers why there is no removal of imminent eschatology. Speaking of time, Nick Meyer discusses the now and the not yet and the kingdom in the message of Jesus.

Richard Bauckham’s new book, Jesus and the Eyewitnesses has garnered some reviews. Chris Tilling goes chapter by chapter. Kevin Edgecomb didn’t like it while James Spinti did.

James Tabor addresses from where/whom Paul received his authority along with Michael Pahl breaking open the Greek in his response. Euangelion blog interviews three prominent NT scholars on their views of 2 Peter and Jude, but you have to click here to find out who they are. Interested in a review of George B. Caird “The Exegetical Method of Hebrews?” Then, Clifford has the post for you.

Mark 9:1–Zacharias vs. Crossley–I’m calling Don King: Gentlemen, let’s have a good clean fight. Left jab. Right hook. Round 2. Solar plexus. Who’s that guy in the ring with a folding chair? Judges?

Early Christian Literature:

Rico to the rescue with studies on the Greek text of the Didache. How was the Gospel of Thomas written you ask? Well, April DeConick asked first. Let Mark Goodacre lead you to the proper spring from which to draw. Tony has an extensive review of Craig Evans’ Fabricating Jesus.

Rabbinic Literature/Targums:

Interested in tithing and supporting charities? Best not forget the wisdom of the Rabbis. Ed Cook points out a spurious addition to Targum Pseudo-Jonathan.

Church History:

Who says the ancients didn’t care about the stars? Andrew Criddle doesn’t.


What is poetry? Plato? Nope, the ancient Hebrew Poetry Blog. Carole McDonnell: Align your reading spectacles! Brian Norwood posts a paper on Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s theology and ethics.

Here is a post about a topic that none of us could avoid if we tried–the James Cameron/Jesus tomb spectacle documentary: Ricoblog gives links to Witherington and Heiser. Also, Jim West posts responses by James Tabor and Michael Stone. Kevin Wilson discusses the media in relation to this event.  Chris Brady points us to NPR’s piece.

Throwing Down the Gauntlet:

Danny Zacharias brings the brickbats to the fat cat publishing magnates on why they aren’t using unicode–Jim Eisenbrauns kindly responds.

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